Many people (myself included) and probably you, dream or have dreamt of being able to earn money or supplement our income automatically and without too much input from ourselves. What we would call a Passive Income.

passivelivelihoodSo thats why we are here because this website is the result of my efforts to create regular passive income streams from my online ventures. The theory being that what i have done may inspire or help others to do the same and build a passive livelihood.

So lets start creating some wealth building strategies that will bring cash to your door for a period of time into the future.I created my passive income by building a number of online businesses of which i automated as much as i could so that it would continue to run, function and take payments while i was doing something else, like taking a holiday, having an extended lunch, or heading out on my jeetski. You see for me, life is all about a work/leisure balance – strongly in favor of the leisure.

So lets find out how we become internet entrepreneurs and get to work. Please understand that while the rewards are great, you will need to invest time, money and put in some hard work at the beginning to get those continuing rewards.

By investing your time to create useful, needed and valuable products and services, we will have a business that people wanty, need and will seek out.

On this site we will show exactly what you need to do from finding a service or product, creating a website, hosting and seo. Then once your passive income business is set up, you can move forward and create some more. That way if one dips or loses it’s way, you have others to take it’s place.


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